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Dear Top Gun Producers,

It has been one year since I signed up and I just wanted to let everybody know what's it been like for me.

First, my production has tripled. My attitude has changed and I have a much harder edge. I am looking forward to the next ten years -- about as long as I want to go hard at it before I become a "gentleman insurance agent."

I have had the opportunity to read the truth from many members. It has made me look hard at myself in the mirror and ask why it has been such a challenge for me after being in this business longer than many of you have been on the planet.

A year ago, I didn't like being a newby but it was all good. My ambition and ego wants me to advance through the ranks faster, but I am so much busier now, I don't have as much time to post. That's a good thing!

I want to thank Rick for all the wisdom and for making all of this happen for all of us. I want to thank everybody for posting questions and raising good points.

I hope that I have been able to add to the value and I look forward to continuing on Top Gun Producers.



Other Comments From Members:

  • These posts are exactly why I signed up for a subscription. Anyone bitching at the monthly fee for this forum is a huge idiot. Thank you so much Rick, I'm still processing all that you wrote.
  • I've already said it, but I wouldn't be in the business if it weren't for this site.
  • All I can say is thanks Rick, this site has changed my life.
  • My production is up over 50% from a year ago. Is it all due to Top Gun Producers? Well, not all, but most. This is the balls to the wall, give them hell, put ink on paper place. I love these guys and I love their passion. I'm a Financial Advisor, not a pure insurance advisor and I find this forum an invaluable resource.
  • I wouldn't be in this business if it were not for this website! Period.
  • After reading some more posts in this forum, I have one big regret. I wish I found this forum earlier because I would have been making much more money than what I am making now if I did.
  • There is no doubt that this forum has changed lives and saved careers.
  • The site here has changed my attitude about prospecting and helped me got over my sales call reluctance. I actually enjoy prospecting now because I get excited knowing that it will help me hit the high goals that I have set for myself. Thanks Rick for the forum!
  • I started reading this board and applying some of the prospecting techniques, like cold calling and walking into businesses. I was horrible at first, but got better over time. The only reason I'm still here is a strong will to succeed and the veterans on this board that spelled out what needed to be done on a daily basis.
  • This forum has been a life changer for me.
  • This place completely changed my life in almost every aspect for the better.
  • You guys are a huge help. My mindset has changed tremendously the past couple of years of being here.
  • Exactly! Just do whatever Rick says. I had no idea about anything. For some reason I just trusted Rick and very few others. EVERYTHING that Rick says is true. Thats a damn strong statement. Other people will say things that may sound good or sound easy. Don't listen to them. Only listen to the man Rick. This forum and especially him, has changed my outlook on life 1000 fold for the better and plus I'm making pretty good money for my age. As I'm writing this I'm on vacation on companies dime with a nice ocean view from my hotel room and I will be making MDRT this year!
  • I am almost positive I would have failed if I didn't have the benefit of this board.
  • Easily the highest quality forum of its type out there. The Ivy Leagues.
  • You are Simply the BEST Advisor to Producers I've ever come across!!
  • Like everyone above, this forum has been a tremendous resource for me. I came into this business in January 2005, a month after this forum was created, so this forum basically provided my education on how to make this business work as I got virtually no help from the firm I started at. If this forum was only 3 years old instead of 4 years, I'm not sure I would still be in the business, and that's the truth! Thanks for creating it Rick.
  • This forum is the absolute Gold Standard! I wish I would have come across it years ago.